Now Reading: A Day in the High Life: Camping in the Cloudz Takes The East Midlands by Storm

Camping in the Cloudz 2023
August 1, 2023

A Day in the High Life: Camping in the Cloudz Takes The East Midlands by Storm

Last weekend, the sleepy landscapes of the West Midlands were transformed into a hazy paradise as Camping in the Cloudz, a celebration of cannabis culture and lifestyle brands, rolled into town. The event was a smoky symphony of diverse cultures, happy people, and a plethora of cannabis-themed merchandise.


Our photographer, Ben Winston, was on the ground to capture the magic and the mellow vibes that flowed through the event.

Drummer at Camping in the Cloudz 2023

A Slice of Cannabis Culture

From its modest beginnings, Camping in the Cloudz has blossomed into a staple event in the calendar of any serious cannabis enthusiast. This year, the festival was filled to the brim with stalls from across the country, each one showcasing cannabis-themed merchandise that delighted the senses and tickled the imagination.


From clothing lines adorned with iconic leaf prints to scented candles exuding the tranquil notes of cannabis, the breadth of creativity on display was truly impressive. How about a poster featuring legendary figures from cannabis culture, or a new pipe fashioned from sustainable materials? Whatever your cannabis desire, Camping in the Cloudz had you covered.


The Event

The event itself was an oasis of positivity and open-mindedness. Attendees were greeted by the intoxicating scent of cannabis, a subtle hint of what the day had in store. A collective spirit of camaraderie swept through the green fields, uniting strangers and friends alike in shared experience.


A serene tranquility hung over the event like a dreamy cloud. Even those not partaking in the green goddess herself couldn’t help but be swept up in the infectious energy that pervaded the event.


Ben Winston, our very own man on the ground, described the atmosphere as “a lively and bustling event with good vibes all round. A great showcase of the quality the UK can achieve.”

Capturing the Moment

Take a scroll through our gallery below for a visual tour of the event. There, you’ll find a collection of vivid images that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Camping in the Cloudz. From snapshots of the bustling stalls and their quirky merchandise to candid shots of attendees immersed in the serene bliss, these pictures are a testament to the magic of the day.


Camping in the Cloudz was more than just an event. It was a celebration of cannabis culture that brought together people from all walks of life. It was a testament to the power of community, creativity, and open-mindedness.


If you couldn’t make it to this year’s event, fret not. The anticipation for next year’s Camping in the Cloudz has already started to build. Until then, keep your heads in the clouds and your hearts full of love. Because, as this event has shown us, that’s where the magic truly happens.

Here’s to the high life!

Live Resin Spotted at Camping in the Cloudz 2023

Top Shelf Optics


Top Shelf Optics (Ben Winston) is an event photographer who recently shot his first cannabis event for Cannevents.


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    A Day in the High Life: Camping in the Cloudz Takes The East Midlands by Storm