July 25, 2023

The Highland Flames 2023 Sets Scotland Ablaze!

Just when you thought the summer couldn’t get any hotter, the Highland Flames 2023 has cranked up the temperature in the heart of Scotland, proving yet again that the Heady Glass festival is the unparalleled titan of all things glass! Last week, we brought you a sneak peek into the fervent happenings at the annual glassblowing event and now we have more photos to share.


If you missed it, the highlands were once again on fire, this time with creativity, passion, and a riot of colours as the Highland Flames 2023 played host to a stellar lineup of talented boro artists, both homegrown and international. Showcasing skill and innovation in abundance, artists journeyed from far-flung corners of the UK and North America to converge on this Scottish hotspot for a weekend dedicated to the mesmerising craft of glassblowing.


An electrifying display of artistry was unfurled as these glass virtuosos worked their magic, heating, blowing, and shaping their vision into reality. This mind-blowing spectacle was more than an art fest; it was an immersive, sensory-filled journey into the whimsical world of glass, solidifying the Heady Glass festival as an essential event on the global glassblowing calendar.


Our very own ‘Man-on-the-Scene’, Gregg, was right there in the heart of the action. Not content to simply spectate, he revelled alongside guests and glassblowers, participating in the fiery fun and colourful camaraderie. Always one for a party, Gregg threw himself into the heart of the weekend’s festivities, immersing himself in the fusion of creative minds and luminous art forms, all the while capturing the essence of this unforgettable gathering.


However, Gregg was not the only one documenting this sensational soiree. In a glorious partnership, the talented headyshots.uk was also present, their lense expertly trained on the festival’s pulsating epicentre. They were there, snapping away, immortalising each incandescent moment into photographic perfection for your viewing pleasure. These expertly captured shots can be found on our website, offering a vivid exploration of the weekend’s spectacle.


So enjoy these photos as we dive deeper into the scintillating showcase of talent that was the Highland Flames 2023 in our upcoming posts. From exclusive interviews with glassblowing gurus to behind-the-scenes glimpses of their mesmerising craft, we’ve got a treasure trove of glowing content just waiting to be unveiled. Remember, when it comes to the Heady Glass festival, you heard it here first!

Here at Cannevents we like to delve as deeply as possible into those at the event as well as the event itself. And at The Highland Flames 2023 there was no shortage of things to see!


Here are some more photos by @headyshots.uk focusing on the glassblowers and their amazing work, showcased in all its glory to event patrons throughout the weekend.

The Highland Flames 2023 Complete Photo Album

View all the photos we have from The festival below

We hope you enjoyed this extra dose of content from what was certainly one of the best Cannabis Events in 2023 to date.


Did you attend the Highland Flames or plan to next year? Let us know on X by tweeting us @Cannevents_UK




Headyglass.uk is a cannabis event photographer who has been snapping incredible images of the UK Cannabis Scene for a number of years. 


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    The Highland Flames 2023 Sets Scotland Ablaze!