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Visiting Product Earth 2023

The Heart and Soul of British Cannabis: Product Earth 2023

From 18th- 21st August, the UK’s largest hemp, cannabis and CBD expo, Product Earth, took place in a small, unassuming town in England named Kenilworth. 


After the transformation of the NAEC Stoneleigh into a haven for the full breadth of the UK cannabis industry, Product Earther’s in their thousands descended upon this little town to celebrate cannabis. 


The event was a melting pot of innovation, entertainment, and community, which perfectly encapsulated the essence of British cannabis culture.


This year I had the pleasure to attend the event, and so, I thought I’d share a glimpse of what attending Product Earth is really like.

Product Earth 2023

A Green-coloured Wonderland

Stepping into Product Earth was like entering a paradise for those who are partial to our favourite flower and the culture that surrounds it. It was a completely immersive experience, with every one of my senses captivated by cannabis in some way or another.


The sights and smells were phenomenal, and cannabis-based conversation filtered into the ears of anyone in the vicinity. Later that day CBD topicals, oils and creams were smeared into my skin during a deep tissue massage and my taste buds were tingling with all the cannabinoid-containing edibles that were on offer. 


There were rolling trays, papers, dab rigs, bongs, vaporisers and more, as far as the eye could see. Sustainable clothing stores sold handmade hemp accessories and CBD stalls sold tinctures, capsules, and oils in their abundance throughout the weekend, promoting a natural approach to wellbeing.


A deeper dive through the stalls revealed some true hidden gems. There were sophisticated stoner essentials like Stashic’s completely smell-proof durable stash bags and vegan leather wallets on offer, whilst others were had more extravagant luxuries for sale, such as the Bling your Bud 24-carat gold-plated bud pendants.


3D printers were on site churning out customised grinders, agricultural businesses were showcasing innovative cultivation methods, and glass artists showed their intricate pieces of glasswork at the event, with all stallholders more than welcoming to any questions from the crowd.


All in all, the event offered a treasure trove of cannabis and hemp-inspired accessories, and the atmosphere was what I’d describe as an oxymoronic blend of an extreme state of relaxation, mixed with pure excitement and enthusiasm.


After the weekend, I returned home with one distinct comparison in my mind: going to Product Earth as a cannabis enthusiast and advocate gave me the same feeling of real joy that I felt as an eager 8-year-old going to Hamley’s for the first time. 

Stalls and Stands: A World of Exploration

This year’s Product Earth was the seventh that has taken place since the event was held for the first time in 2015. Doing things the right way over a number of years has led to no open police presence (I didn’t spot a patrol car throughout the weekend), and, as usual, zero trouble; instead there was an abundance of exhibitors proudly and peacefully displaying their wares to the public and masses of guests enjoying themselves throughout the weekend. 

Unsurprisingly, big name brands such as Greenhouse Seed CoDank of England and Blazy Susan had large expo areas dotted throughout the space, featuring both immaculate and impressive displays. Smaller, local businesses acted as a beautiful and unique frame for them, lining the exhibition hall’s edges with their individuality. You could find cannabis art available in stands like Mershmaid Illustrations, or excellent culinary delights at stands like Nannie’s Edibles, who also gave some demonstrations over the weekend. 

Among the myriad stalls at Product Earth, one that stood out was Strains UK. They seemed to have a continuous crowd congregating in the pathway in front of their stall, eager to see what was happening within their humble little stand.


Situated on the peripheral ring of the exhibition hall, the team were using an innovative piece of technology called the Purpl Pro 3, which tests the THC and CBD content in cannabis flower, verifying or challenging their advertised concentrations.


They provided a certificate of testing to those who had handed in their bud and took high-resolution images of the flowers in a light box to build up a profile of strain profiles. Strains also ranked the best buds in the leader board for all to see, which ended in a three-way tie. Lemon Berry, Mamacita, and Stawpicanna took joint first place with a THC concentration of 27%, and interestingly, all three were grown in the UK.


Empowering Change: Charities, Organisations, and Research Groups


Beyond the vibrant stalls and electrifying entertainment, Product Earth 2023 also served as a platform for a range of important charities, organisations, and research groups within the cannabis industry. These entities are at the forefront of driving change, raising awareness, and supporting patients who benefit from medical cannabis.



Drug Science, a UK-based advisory committee on drugs, stood out with a stall dedicated to their ground-breaking Project T21, displaying its most recent findings. Project T21 is the UK’s largest medical cannabis registry, and their team used the weekend to invite patients to enrol and contribute to vital research on medical cannabis treatments. 


By collecting valuable data from patients, Drug Science aims to shape evidence-based policies and drive the acceptance of medical cannabis as a legitimate therapeutic option. Certain medical cannabis clinics such as Curaleaf were also present, seizing the opportunity to engage with attendees and spread awareness about becoming a medical cannabis patient.


The event was also graced by the presence of influential figures who have been vocal in advocating for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Carly Barton, a well-known figure in the cannabis world, manned the community-owned cannabis stand run by Grow Lab Organics and took part in the panel discussion Women in the Industry.


Joanne Griffiths, another notable figure in the industry, attended to promote Intractable, a UK-based epilepsy charity, which was showcased at the Global Cannabinoid Solutions stall. By assisting patients in funding access to medical cannabis, Intractable not only raises awareness about the therapeutic potential of cannabis but also actively contributes to enhancing the quality of life for those dealing with epilepsy.


The presence of these people, charities, organisations, and research groups underscored the collaborative spirit within the cannabis community. Their efforts go beyond advocacy and awareness; they are actively involved in research, patient support, and shaping policies that can transform the landscape of cannabis access and acceptance in the UK.

Raffles, Giveaways, and Freebies Galore

Generosity, among other things, was clearly in the air at Product Earth 2023. Attendees were treated to a plethora of raffles, giveaways, and freebies that added a touch of camaraderie to the event. And this wasn’t the only thing shared.

Exchanges of knowledge, recommendations, information, and advice were occurring in almost every conversation. Product samples, leaflets, and flyers were distributed by almost every stall to help people learn more about their products, concentrations, or cultivation methods to further guests’ understanding and awareness.

To evoke some competition into the chilled atmosphere, The High Roller World Cup issued a challenge, and attendees’ nerves were put to the test to find Product Earth’s fastest roller of 2023, which held an impressive record of 4 seconds by the end of the expo.


Smaller competitions, raffles, and spin-the-wheel promotions featured on a large number of other stands, often allowing their winners to try a new product, or swap it for another that better fits their personal preference. Both outside and inside, the air was buzzing with positivity, and attendees seemed to be riding the waves of relaxation, joy and excitement


A Diverse Range of Entertainment

Whether you were there as a recreational user or a medical cannabis patient and advocate, Product Earth had entertainment to cater to every taste. 


The seminar hall hosted thought-provoking lectures and panel discussions on topics ranging from women in the industry, to the endocannabinoid system and the latest advancements in medicinal cannabis. Whilst the BMX stunt shows and live DJ performances kept the energy levels high throughout the event.


The glass zone also seemed to captivate the attendees’ attention with mesmerising live glassblowing demonstrations. Throughout the weekend, these talented artists created intricate and immaculate pieces whilst on site, engaging with newcomers and explaining the process and their passion. 


These glass wizards were eager to talk newbies through the process and answer any, or in my case the many, questions that people have and there were display cases filled with their delicate designs and unique creations. This way, attendees had a chance to appreciate the artistry behind the functional glass, and buy a piece of bespoke art for a price that truly reflects the amount of work the artists have to put in. 


Another highlight was the spotlight on cannabis-infused foods, where live cooking demonstrations took place in the centre of the exhibition hall. Although the room’s earthy aroma masked the scent of anything being produced by these chefs, the close-up cameras clearly showed how mouth-watering their cannabis-based creations and concoctions were, igniting the hunger of attendees. 


Then, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the event moved closer to the camping fields, creating an intimate setting for the event’s fireside chats. Advocates and activists like Cannevents’ own Greg De Hoedt shared their insights, experiences, and visions for the future of the UK’s cannabis industry whilst taking the weight off their feet in one of the comfortable deck chairs, that formed a circle surrounding the cosy campfire.


As night fell, the After Dark celebrations took centre stage, or centre tent I should say. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience with live DJ performances and top artist showcases that kept the tunes flowing until around 11 p.m. A shisha bar and arcade tent offered a change of pace, and as always, an array of food stalls catered to those inevitable munchies.


Capturing the Essence of Product Earth, 2023

Product Earth 2023 was more than an event; it was an experience that embodied the essence of the cannabis community. It united enthusiasts, professionals, and advocates under one roof, fostering a sense of excitement, camaraderie, and exploration.


From the indulgence of accessories to the knowledge shared in seminars to the artistry of glass blowing, to the rhythmic beats of the After Dark celebrations, Product Earth left attendees with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the cannabis plant.


It wasn’t just an event for enthusiasts; it was a convergence of voices that share a common vision of change and progress in the British cannabis industry.



To have attended Product Earth 2023 was not just to have participated in an event but to have been woven into the fabric of a passionate and dynamic community. Through a series of sensory indulgences, enlightening seminars, and exciting showcases, attendees walked away not just with memories, but with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for the future of cannabis in the UK. As we look forward to what the next edition brings, one thing remains clear: the spirit of the cannabis community is unwavering, united, and unstoppable.


View our photos from Product Earth 2023 below:

Lucy Mackinnon


Lucy has five years of cannabis journalism under her belt writing for numerous industry publications. She brings this expertise to the Cannevents team as an events correspondent.

Live Resin Spotted at Camping in the Cloudz 2023

Top Shelf Optics


Top Shelf Optics (Ben Winston) is an event photographer who recently shot his first cannabis event for Cannevents.


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